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Immotec offers a complete range of sophisticated products and solutions based on RFID technologies running at all frequencies (125kHz, 13.56 MHz and UHF) and compliant with all chip technologies (NPX MifareĀ® and Desfire, ST, EM, etc...) and all international standards (ISO 14443 A-B, ISO 15693, ISO 18000, etc...).

Leading the pack

The true business value of innovative open platform security products emerges when it transforms the operations of an organization so that they best meet the specific needs of its industry. Changing the way organizations secure their environment requires not only a powerful and flexible technology platform to accommodate the wide range of security requirements, challenges and goals, but also a deep understanding of the process and regulatory realities of the industries in which our clients operate. The specific solutions our clients have implemented reflect our detailed understanding of their goals and the unique requirements of their businesses.

Immotec excels in the field of RFID and secure identification by taking advantage of industry-specific knowledge, best practices, and processes. Get the benefit of Immotec's experience in 12 different industries to help manage your security better and expand into new areas using latest cutting edge technologies. Give us a call to find out how Immotec RFID solutions can help you.

Industry Solutions

The security issues facing the Aviation industry are both specific and demanding. Immotec Security products can provide a range of solutions from standalone access control to customized centralized control systems that can address not only employee and passenger security but also allow management to assign specific pieces of equipment to specific employees for a specific time.

In the Commercial sector, companies need to go beyond the basic physical security system. Due to the variety and complexity of most commercial companies, security systems can go from simple to very complex. No matter how diverse your business is, Immotec's access control systems provide a very rich feature set with high level of clearances and privileges to control who has access to what and when.

There are some challenges with this sector as most companies have to meet certain Industrial standards. The security and safety systems have to be reliable with an uptime close to 100%. This requirement is met by our dual-processor technology components. Other challenges are outdoor installations which require components that function across wide ranges of temperature. All of these issues and more can be addressed by using Immotec's RFID security solutions.

The Residential sector includes condominiums, apartment buildings, housing developments and individual homes. Residential security protects your most valuable assets, your family and loved ones. To address different types of building security needs, Immotec offers various products to meet the unique requirements of retrofit applications, new constructions, single family homes, high rise condominiums, ranging from basic to very hi tech solutions.

Common issues associated with educational facilities, which are often multi-site, include vandalism and disruptive behaviour, incursion from unwanted visitors and managing access levels. Typical security measures of surveillance and access control are necessary for the protection of the student population and faculty. Special types of access control for Student Housing and Special Events are common as well. All of these issues and more can be addressed by using Immotec's RFID security products.

Financial institutions face many challenges in today's economic climate. Common issues associated with multisite financial institutions include monitoring high risk areas, customer and staff safety and managing restricted access. With the move to reducing physical barriers in branches, electronic security can help make it more difficult for unauthorized personnel to gain access to restricted areas. With an Immotec solution we can provide a proven application for your unique Financial and Banking requirements.

Common issues associated with government facilities which are often multi-site are authentication of employees, contractors, visitors, managing access levels and system integration. All these challenges can be met with an Immotec Access Control solution. Using our access control smart card enrollment and authentication solution, government employees or contractors can use their government issued smart card which eliminates the need for multiple cards for multiple sites, thus reducing time and cost. This one card grants access to specific areas but not to restricted areas. In the case of an emergency the system can lock down or open all doors as per the crisis level activated.

Hospitals and healthcare systems present many challenges that require proven solutions. Common issues include equipment theft, managing restricted access and crisis levels to name but three, all of which are manageable with an integrated solution from Immotec Security Products. Using Immotec's access control software can help a hospital establish defined security areas/zones. Using iSafePro 360 software, the hospital can issue badges to all of its employees, medical staff, contractors and even vendors. Properly issued access cards can provide access to appropriate facilities, buildings, or areas from the one access card based on the level of access that was granted.

In Transportation, the size of the industry leads to challenges in both the range of vulnerabilities and the volume of passengers and freight to be protected, creating a need for systems that can be scaled to meet requirements. Safety of passengers and the protection of freight are paramount and the ability to create responses to incidents is becoming increasingly critical. Immotec's RFID Access control solutions can limit access to sensitive area and CCTV systems can help identify suspicious activity. When linked together, Immotec RFID solutions can become a powerful command and control application allowing users to detect, monitor and respond to events in the most safe and effective way.

Common issues associated with petrochemical, oil and gas facilities, which are often multi-site, include health and safety, managing access levels and securing the facilities against potential threats. All these challenges can be met with an Immotec solution for Access Control and Video surveillance. High risk sites demand employees take strict training before they are allowed access to certain areas. Access control can monitor this by restricting access to these areas until the training has been taken, thus lowering any health & safety risk breach.

There are some challenges with IT companies as they get very involved with the physical security requirements and specifications. The system architecture, the database and the operating systems are key components for choosing a system. Logical Security is also very critical in this segment of the market. All of these issues and more can be addressed using Immotec's innovative RFID solutions for security and identification. In addition, our unique "Double Swipe" technology allows staff members to unlock and disarm conference rooms and special areas without keypads or alarm panels.

An integrated video & access control system can improve retailers' business efficiencies. A store manager responsible for many stores must have the ability to monitor them all remotely from any location. Using our iSafePro 360 solutions, store efficiency can be enhanced by monitoring queues, car parks, in store security and much more. Our access control software can help establish clearly defined access zones in warehouses/loading bays/storage rooms ensuring only authorized personnel are admitted at the correct times. We can provide a proven application for your unique retail requirements.