Immotec Corporate Profile

Immotec's leadership in the security industry begins with customer satisfaction. Our mission to achieve superior product innovation, high-quality manufacturing and first class customer service distinguishes us from our competition.

With one of the most knowledgeable and skilled technical support teams in the security industry, Immotec offers exceptional direct technical support to our worldwide customer base. With just a phone call or E-mail you'll receive personalized service and informative answers to your technical questions about Immotec products and upcoming developments.

Immotec Systems has been a trusted name in RFID technology since 1996. Our RFID solutions are reliable, secure and employ proven technologies worldwide. RFID technology has a diverse base of applications; with this in mind Immotec has developed security solutions for a variety of industry segments.

Immotec Systems manufactures revolutionary Access Control Systems for the commercial and residential industry requiring online real-time monitoring and flexibility. Our systems are based on RFID, patented technology, open platform management software and Power Line Communications and implement smart cards and smart card controllers that offer easy installation and use, without sacrificing their effectiveness in terms of security.

The true business value of innovative open platform security products emerges when it transforms the operations of an organization so that they best meet the specific needs of its industry. Changing the way organizations secure their environment requires not only a powerful and flexible technology platform to accommodate the wide range of security requirements, challenges and goals, but also a deep understanding of the process and regulatory realities of the industries in which our clients operate. The specific solutions our clients have implemented reflect our detailed understanding of their goals and the unique requirements of their businesses.

Immotec offers you an access control solution for your business, condo or apartment building, no matter how large or small your needs are, no matter how basic or complex your site structure is. Whether it's to control one door or hundreds of doors in multiple sites, Immotec has a system that can meet your needs.

Immotec Systems maintains a fleet of programmers, engineers and designers to constantly innovate and improve its products. And has an ongoing commitment to excellence in customer service and customer satisfaction.

Immotec systems are sold through our network of dealers and distributors throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America, South America and Europe.


Immotec's most recent press releases:

July 03, 2012

Immotec announces Assa Abloy's APERIO integration with iSafe Pro 360.

iSafe Pro 360 has been fully integrated to work with Assa abloy's APERIO wireless locks protocol to deliver wireless capabilities to our online real-time access control solution. This technology truly redefines wireless Access Control.

December 22, 2011

Immotec is proud to introduce iSafe Pro 360.

iSafe Pro 360 is a complete range of Access control solutions suitable for small to large buildings/businesses requiring online real-time monitoring and flexibility. Our iSafePro 360 range includes IP based proximity Access Control, Hands-free Access Control, advanced biometric modules, IP Surveillance integration, wireless Access Control and much more.