Immotec Case Studies

Read how companies, organizations and institutions have all benefited from an Immotec access control system or an Immotec RFID custom solution. From saving money, by eliminating the need to replace locks on doors when keys are lost or stolen, to creating centralized controlled and fully-monitored environments.

Immotec offers you an access control solution for your business, condo or apartment building, no matter how large or small your needs are, no matter how basic or complex your site structure is. Whether it's to control one door or hundreds of doors in multiple sites, Immotec has a system that can meet your needs.

Case Studies

Case Studies are coming soon, Stay Tuned!


“I had a fantastic experience installing the iSafePro Verso 360 and expansion modules along with the Visor 360 at a large factory. The hardware was easy to wire up and install and the software was very easy to use and configuration was a breeze. I will be recommending this product in the future.”