Immotec Returns

Merchandise Return Policy

When returning Immotec products, please observe the procedures outlined below. All returns must be pre-authorized by Immotec.

1. Firstly send an E-mail to our Support Team with specific details of the problem and submit for pre-authorization.

2. If approved, you will receive a Returning Merchandise Authorization (RMA) confirmation from Immotec via E-mail. Do not ship your returns before receiving the confirmation E-mail.

3. Attach commercial invoice and RMA confirmation E-mail to package and clearly indicate the following: Original purchase order number, Description, serial numbers, and quantity of returned goods and Defective goods being returned.

4. Ship to Immotec Systems Inc. via UPS.

Please Remember

Upon receipt of goods, Immotec will assess the condition of returned merchandise and, if defective, item(s) will be repaired/replaced and shipped back to your address. If item(s) are not defective, goods are sent back to you freight on board our address.

Pricing and product availability can be obtained from our knowledgeable product providers and resellers. Call us to find product providers and resellers in your area.

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