iPark 360 Solution

iPark 360 has been developed for community applications and the management of temporary visitor access and parking. The system is flexible and easy to use, for both the visitors and the operators. Water and electricity terminals, accepting payment by bank card or token, are commercially available. The advantage of iPark 360 is that it includes these services in the parking price paid, which considerably facilitates management.

iSafePro 360 Visitor and Parking Management Module

Immotec's optional Visitor Management module has a full range of automated features to register and monitor visitors. Our Visitor Managment module gives you better oversight on visitor activity and location within your facility. Once a visitor is registered, the system generates a temporary 4 digit code or proximity card to be used by the visitor to gain access to parking and doors. The Visitor Management module can work as an addon to our iSafePro 360 Access Control solution for clients requiring more complex visitor management solutions or to parking lot management companies.

  • Schedule visits in advance and track visitor status
  • Generate a temporary access code or card to be used by the visitor
  • Wide array of report capabilities
  • Includes iSafePro Visor 360 Photo Badge Template Editor for designing visitor badge templates and parking permits
  • Manages visitor access to doors and/or parking area
  • Shows all visits scheduled for the current date
  • Ability to track visitors locations within your facility